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    Backup lithium battery UPS
    On line lead acid battery UPS
    On line lithium battery UPS
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    UPS for electric power
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    Backup lithium battery 110V UPS
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    On line lithium battery 110V UPS
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    AC / DC switching power supply
    UPS for rolling shutter door
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    Lead acid battery
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Lithium battery UPS power supply, special power UPS power supply, power inverter, communication inverter, 110V UPS, special UPS for rolling shutter door, three-phase UPS, etc
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Hedil is committed to solving all kinds of power problems and providing users with one-stop power solutions.

First of all, hedil as a UPS power supply for lithium battery The manufacturer, using lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage components, has a full range of lithium ups. From 500VA backup to on-line, hedil has the solution of replacing ups with lithium battery.

Second, as UPS for electric power The power manufacturer, hedil has a full range of high-frequency pure sine wave On-line UPS power supply and power inverter products. Guangfa is applied in substation, power plant and other fields.

Hedil's UPS products also include 100v ups, 110V UPS, 120V UPS, 127V ups and other ups of American and Japanese standards are used in ship charts. Among them, the AC output explosion-proof UPS power supply is specially used for mine explosion-proof UPS power supply, which is applied in well site.

Haidil products also include backup UPS, online UPS power supply, power frequency machine UPS power supply, modular UPS power supply.

Hedil has power solutions and rich experience in personal home, small and medium-sized enterprises, data center, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

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