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Solution for centralized monitoring of Heidi UPS power supply network

one hundred and twenty-seven
Time of publication: 12:07, March 19, 2020

UPS Power centralized monitoring solution

1、 System overview

With the advent and rapid development of the information age, the number and scale of integrated computer rooms are increasing day by day. The monitoring of UPS power supply room has become enterprises and institutions It plays an important role in daily production and management. Environmental equipment in the machine room (power supply and distribution, UPS, air conditioning, fire protection It provides necessary and reliable guarantee for the normal operation of computer system and all kinds of production equipment. Once these equipment failure, it will affect the operation of the overall system, and even affect the normal operation of enterprises and institutions, resulting in serious consequences. For banks, securities, post offices, customs, telecommunications and other units, computer room management is more important, once the computer system failure, the loss is immeasurable.

For large and complex computer and network equipment, most equipment manufacturers provide special network management system to monitor the operation of the equipment. But yes For the environmental equipment in the computer room, due to the variety of equipment and the models of similar equipment, each equipment manufacturer only provides the monitoring equipment of the factory,

It is obviously inappropriate to use these devices as the monitoring system of the computer room. Therefore, the management personnel of the computer room have to use a special person on duty to regularly inspect various equipment in the computer room. This not only increases the burden of managers, but also can not timely alarm when a fault occurs. Accident recall and fault analysis can only rely on experience and inference, which is lack of science. It is the realization of such a problem that the "computer room integrated monitoring system" is becoming a necessary part of the newly-built small and medium-sized computer room, and more and more "computer room integrated monitoring system" has been added to the transformation project of the old computer room.

two Function description

l The real data can be obtained through the ups communication protocol.

l Using standard TCP / IP SNMP protocol! Suitable for all kinds of compatible networks

l WWW is supported. Users can view the status of equipment and manage ups at any time through browser on any computer

l It supports multi-channel environmental temperature and humidity acquisition, and realizes basic environmental monitoring while UPS monitoring

l Storage of equipment operation events is convenient for users to trace the historical operation status of equipment

l Support multi-user and authority control management

l Open data interface, can provide OPC, OCX and other secondary development components

l Support SMS, email, telephone voice and other alarm methods.

3、 System structure diagram

The system has good scalability, and the scale of the monitoring system can be adjusted at any time according to the number of equipment in the computer room and the monitoring requirements. It can not only be used as the simplest local equipment monitoring, but also can realize the complex remote monitoring management system.

4, Monitoring center software pmcenter UPS integrated monitoring system

Main technical features

l       All of them are written in Visual C + + 6.0, which has * * execution efficiency and can realize faster communication data processing in limited hardware platform

l       Using open source MySQL database can not only store massive data records and good comprehensive performance, but also can control all data easily, providing conditions for enterprise data deep mining and analysis

l       UDP data, combined with data request, subscription, report, periodic confirmation and other mechanisms, not only ensures the timeliness of equipment monitoring data, but also greatly compresses the data flow and reduces the occupation of network bandwidth

l       The hybrid architecture of B / SC / s engine can not only gain the advantages of C / S architecture, but also enjoy the ease of use of B / S architecture. Users can realize any combination according to their own needs

l       Besides system window and system voice, it also supports email, SMS and telephone voice notification

l       Open SMS alarm plug-in mechanism can write corresponding plug-ins according to different SMS gateways or access devices, so as to realize the integration of SMS system

l     The powerful alarm definition notification mechanism can filter all devices, designated areas or certain devices, and can also be used for alarms

The level and even the specific alarm to set! Unlimited sending object, can define delay confirmation, repeat interval sending, sending times The limit and sending time can meet the user's alarm demand under any condition

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