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Product information of 1-3kva on-line lithium battery UPS UPS of hedil et series

two hundred and fourteen
Time of publication: 22:04, March 30, 2020

ET Series lithium batteries UPS Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a kind of UPS equipment with double conversion on-line, single-phase input and single-phase output. This series of power supply uses a new lithium iron phosphate battery as energy storage system, which makes the volume of this series of products smaller than that of traditional products 30% About, more times of discharge five More than times. The products are more efficient and reliable, providing reliable and high quality AC power for your equipment.

ET series one 3kVAUPS Small size, convenient for customers to use, especially suitable for financial, telecommunications, government, transportation, manufacturing, education and other users of basic equipment.

1.1.1 Utility mode

UPS After power on, if the power supply is normal, UPS It will enter the utility mode. In mains mode, the AC MODE On.

n     If the load capacity is greater than one hundred %The buzzer calls once half a second, and all the load percentage lights on the right side of the display screen are on OUTPUT The next warning light is on to remind you that you have received too much load. You should remove the unnecessary load one by one until UPS Load less than one hundred %。

n     If the left battery symbol flashes, it means UPS If the battery is not connected or the battery voltage is too low, check whether the battery is connected well and press the function key two Second, carry out battery self-test. Confirm that the connection is correct. It may be battery failure or aging. Please refer to the troubleshooting table.

Precautions for receiving and sending motor

A Start the generator and connect the output power of the generator to the output power supply of the generator after it runs stably UPS Input (at this time to determine UPS No load), and then press the start key to start UPS UPS After starting, connect the load one by one. Non professionals are not allowed to use the terminal block to wire the load to avoid electric shock.

B . it is suggested that UPS To double the capacity of the generator

1.1.2 Battery mode

When the mains power is not connected or started UPS During operation, when the power supply is abnormal, UPS It will switch to battery mode.

n     When the input voltage is in the upper corner of the power supply, the input voltage is in the right corner 0~170V also ACMODE It will be destroyed and displayed as Batt MODE , buzzer every four If you press the function key continuously at this time two More than seconds, UPS Execute the silencing function, the buzzer will no longer sound the alarm, and then continue to press the function key two More than seconds, the alarm is restored.

n     When the battery voltage drops to the warning potential, the buzzer will sound once every second, and the percentage of battery on the left side of the display screen will be less and less, or even to one grid, indicating that the user has insufficient battery capacity, so load operation should be carried out and the load should be removed one by one).

n     If the mains power indicator light flashes, it means that the voltage or frequency of the mains power has exceeded the normal range.

1.1.3 bypass mode

When UPS In case of overload or short circuit fault in the utility mode, the machine will automatically switch to the bypass mode for power supply. At this time, the display screen is in the middle BYPASS The indicator light is on .

UPS When working in bypass mode, there is no backup function. At this time, the power used by the load is directly supplied by the power system through filtering. .

1.1.4    Failure mode

When UPS There is a fault, UPS The display screen will automatically jump to the fault display, the screen warning indicator is always on, and the buzzer will sound for a long time.

Fault code


Inverter output short circuit


Inverter soft start timeout


just BUS High voltage


BUS Voltage inconsistency


negative BUS High voltage




BUS Soft start timeout


Battery overcharge


BUS short circuit




High inverter voltage


Charger failure


Low inverter voltage


Fan failure

When your UPS In case of abnormal conditions, please check and remove the fault according to the table below. If the problem still exists, please contact the customer service center.

fault eleven

UPS Shut down due to internal overheating

ensure UPS No overload, vent is not blocked, indoor temperature is not too high, wait ten Minutes let go UPS Cool down and restart. If it fails, please contact your supplier

fault 3~8

UPS Shut down due to internal fault

Please contact your supplier

fault fourteen

UPS Overcharge protection action

UPS Charger failure , Please contact your supplier

Data input flicker

Mains voltage or frequency exceeds UPS Input range (at power on UPS Two calls in a second, eight in a row)

here UPS Working in battery mode, save data and close the application to ensure that the utility is in UPS Allowable input voltage or frequency range

Mains input data flashing

fault thirteen

The zero and live lines of the city power supply are connected reversely, .UPS One call in two minutes

Re connect to make the zero line and live line of the city power supply connect correctly

Battery mode UPS Overload or load equipment failure

Check load levels and remove non critical equipment, recalculate load power and reduce connections to UPS Check whether the load equipment is faulty

fault fifteen

UPS Fan not connected or damaged

Please contact your supplier

fault one

UPS Output short circuit

turn off UPS Remove all loads and confirm that there is no fault or internal short circuit in the load. Restart the machine. If it fails, please contact your supplier

Battery data flashing on the display screen

The battery voltage is too low or the battery is not connected

inspect UPS Battery part, connect the battery. If the battery is damaged, please contact your supplier

fault fourteen

UPS Charging part failure

Please contact your supplier

Short battery discharge time

The battery is under charged

keep UPS Connect the city power continuously ten For more than hours, recharge the battery

Short battery discharge time

After pressing the power on key, UPS Unable to start

UPS overload

Check load level and remove non critical equipment

Battery aging, capacity reduction

To replace the battery, please contact your supplier to obtain the battery and its components

Press the power button for a short time

Press the power on key for more than one second to start UPS

After pressing the power on key, UPS Unable to start

UPS The battery is not connected or the battery voltage is low and it is started with load

Connect well UPS Battery, if the battery voltage is low, turn off the power first and then start the machine with no load

UPS Internal failure

Please contact your supplier

Chapter 1 Maintenance and maintenance

one point one Routine maintenance

l     Keep the environment clean UPS Cause dust or chemical contamination.

l Check the terminals of input and output cables every six months. Check carefully and measure whether the contact is good.

l Regularly check the working state of the fan to prevent foreign matters from blocking the air outlet. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

l Regular inspection UPS Working conditions

If the power supply is normal, UPS It should work in the utility mode; if the mains power is abnormal, UPS It should work in battery mode. And there is no fault display in both working states.

l Regular inspection UPS Switching operation mode

Disconnect the mains power input and simulate the mains power failure, UPS Switch to the battery power supply mode and operate normally; then connect the mains power input, UPS It should be switched back to the utility mode and work normally.

l Regular inspection UPS The indicator light of

During the above two inspections, the UPS Whether the indicator light of the display is consistent with its actual operation mode.

one point two Battery maintenance

The battery is UPS An important part of the system. The battery life depends on the ambient temperature and the number of discharges. High temperature or deep discharge can shorten the service life of the battery.

l     Battery should be used to keep the ambient temperature at fifteen reach twenty-five between.

l     If not used for a long time UPS , it is recommended that every three Charge once a month.

l     Under normal conditions, the service life of the battery is five If it is found that the battery is in poor condition, it must be replaced in advance, and the battery replacement must be operated by professionals.

one point one Basic electrical specifications

Characteristic parameters







Rated output capacity



Working mode

On line double transformation

AC input

Rated voltage


Rated frequency

50Hz/60Hz self-adaption

Input voltage range


Input frequency range

(45~55)±0.5Hz / (55~65)±0.5Hz

Battery input

Battery type

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Built in battery

Built in 36v15ah


Built in 48v30ah


External battery pack







External battery pack model







Number of external battery packs



Low voltage alarm / low voltage shutdown



Charging voltage

forty-two point eight ±0.2V

fifty-seven ±0.3V

Charging function





AC output

output voltage

220Vac ± 3% (inverter output)

output frequency

50/60 ± 5Hz (when AC input is normal), 50 / 60Hz ± 1% (when AC input is abnormal)

Dynamic voltage transient


Dynamic transient recovery time

< 60ms

wave form

Sine wave thd < 3% (linear load); thd < 8% (nonlinear load)

Output power factor

zero point eight

Overload capacity

In the city power mode, the duration of 130% is not less than 20s. In battery mode, 120% duration is not less than 20s

Peak coefficient of output current


DC to AC conversion time


Inverter bypass conversion time


Communication function

Standard RS232 + smart slot, smart slot can expand RS485, dry node, SNMP and other monitoring functions.

Protection function

DC input overvoltage, undervoltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, output overvoltage and low voltage protection

Weight kg

eight point six

nine point five

six point five




Dimension (w * h * d) mm







Installation mode

Tower style


Tower style


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