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Application of etkr in Shiyan hospital

one hundred and thirty-eight
Time of publication: April 4, 2020 10:44 Author: Zhang Jierui

In Shenzhen Shiyan people's Hospital, with the extensive use of servers and key inspection equipment, UPS UPS is essential. But the electric well space is very small, and it needs at least two More than hours of spare time.

If UPS If the power supply is equipped with lead-acid battery, it needs more space and is not convenient to install. What shall I do? I heard there are lithium batteries UPS Power Supply. On Taobao, Jingdong search. Finally, we found a lithium battery from hedil UPS Power Supply. 2U Rack type, depth six hundred , built in 48V30AH Of lithium batteries. 1000W How can I carry the load two About an hour.

        Finally, I placed an order and bought one, and the store supported it seven Days by return. Let's test it first. This is the look.

Now the number and model of such a large number of network equipment installed in the standard cabinet, but also put forward higher requirements for the power protection system, et3kr The integration degree is very high. The size of the whole machine is small, and the depth is 600mm. It can be put into a 19 inch cabinet. The 3KVA power ups host is only 2U high on the premise of built-in 30ah battery, which reduces the occupation of cabinet space, saves valuable cabinet space for installing network equipment, and greatly improves the utilization rate of cabinet. It can also provide power protection for small network rooms with 1 ~ 3 cabinets

E series UPS In power distribution equipment, ET3KR The built-in 30ah iron lithium battery has good security and double the service life of standard UPS, which can greatly save the user's expenses. Before that, users had to replace lead-acid batteries every three years

This product is convenient for users to operate and use. The LCD panel with blue backlight displays the ups status and parameters. The white font is particularly conspicuous against the blue backlight. The administrator can clearly see the ups working information through the glass cabinet door of the cabinet.

UPS Monitoring card and intelligent UPS monitoring and management system software based on Web browser can be used to realize remote monitoring and management. It can also be connected with dry contact card to provide dry contact signal, which is convenient for users to check the working state of ups.

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