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Characteristics of industrial UPS

Time of publication: September 8, 2020 11:43

As the center of industrial power supply system, UPS is an important part of power supply protection. It can provide high-quality power supply for any load and urban power input.


1. In industrial users, the equilibrium distribution of load group is and will appear serious imbalance in the production process. Strong load capacity will be a major challenge for industrial enterprises.

2. Industrial booster power supply is difficult to maintain stable temperature and humidity in industrial environment. Industrial electricity needs strong environmental adaptability and high performance to cope with the harsh environment.

High reliability, high reliability and industrial applications can be met in industrial environment.

4. The whole geomagnetic rising unit monitoring system consists of front-end equipment, client / server application program and personal computer. Users can check the operation status and related parameters of UPS devices in real time after logging in to the app / PC of the client side, and can also observe the operation status and relevant data of the system on the mobile phone. When an exception occurs, the alarm information can be received synchronously.

5. In order to ensure the stable operation and control of important industrial processes, the pollution problem of power grid in the field of industrial application is more serious.

6. Industrial network power supply involves power electronic technology, digital control technology, AC power parallel redundancy technology, active harmonic suppression technology and high-power product manufacturing technology.

conventional UPS power supply It can only adapt to the industrial environment and the electrical load.

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