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Solution of UPS power supply for lithium battery vehicle

Time of publication: 18:06, September 10, 2020

Vehicle mounted lithium battery UPS Power Supply Specially designed for small space, flat frame structure, long standby time and long cycle life, UPS Power supply host power and lithium battery capacity scheme can be flexibly selected according to the backup delay requirements and load. The original brand manufacturers produce and sell, non trade distribution, and after-sales guarantee.

Application: small space vehicle environment, such as resident civil RV, mobile medical ambulance, blood collection and blood donation vehicle, military communication command vehicle, electric power monitoring engineering vehicle, bank mobile business vehicle, environmental monitoring vehicle, star sky observation vehicle, E-sports scanning vehicle, emergency communication vehicle, satellite communication vehicle, fire command vehicle and other small space vehicle environment.


Optional product solutions:

one , vehicle lithium battery UPS Power Supply 1-3KVA Built in battery solution( ET1KR   ET2KR   ET3KR

It is suitable for small power load, long time delay standby, such as civil RV, audio-visual equipment, baby incubator (car), etc.

2、 Lithium battery vehicle UPS Power Supply 1-3KVA External battery scheme( ET1KRS   ET2KRS   ET3KRS

It is suitable for small and medium-sized power load on board. It can be flexibly selected when standby, and has various battery capacity schemes, such as military communication vehicle, medical vehicle industry, etc;

three , vehicle lithium battery UPS Single phase power supply 6-20KVA External battery scheme( ET6KRS ET10KRS ET20KRS

It can be used to monitor large and medium-sized vehicles, such as long-term and standby battery capacity;

four , vehicle lithium battery UPS Power Supply three-phase 20-40KVA External battery scheme( ET3320KRS ET3330KRS ET3340KRS

It is suitable for high-power load, long-term standby, delayed use, flexible battery capacity, such as fire, military, medical and other large-scale government procurement industries.


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