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Characteristics of UPS inverter for power supply

Time of publication: 18:12, September 10, 2020

Domestic power industry such as power distribution stations, substations, hydropower stations, thermal power plants and other departments will have DC system or DC screen, the voltage is DC 220VDC or 110VDC These departments need to convert DC to AC for conventional loads power UPS Or power inverter, will DC220V change AC220V Or will it DC110V change AC220V There will also be a channel of AC input, which can be flexibly set to AC Main supply type or DC Main supply type.


Hedil electric power UPS/ Power inverter characteristic:

1、 Input and output isolation, safe and stable, high reliability;

2、 Standard rack design, suitable for power cabinet installation and fixation;

3、 Online working mode, zero MS switching, pure sine wave Output, more stable and efficient;

4、 LCD display to know the working state and data of inverter at any time;

5、 Provide standards RS232 Interface, can expand the remote monitoring function, optional dry contact and network monitoring.

six Over voltage, over-voltage, over-voltage, over-voltage protection

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