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How to solve UPS power failure

Time of publication: 15:05, September 11, 2020

In the power supply guarantee equipment of data center computer room, UPS, HVDC, generator set and other equipment are widely used in different levels of computer room; ups and HVDC power supply system run all year round, there will be some faults; while the on-line type UPS power supply Due to the reasonable design circuit, the capacity of driving power components is larger, the failure rate of power supply circuit is low, and the failure rate caused by battery is high. Long service life and good maintenance of UPS battery are the key factors to reduce the failure rate of ups. In addition, attention should be paid to the ups internal control (line, software, etc.) system abnormal shutdown accident! First picture - (2). Jpg

The following is a UPS fault event caused by abnormal control system. I would like to share it with you, hoping to attract the attention of your peers.

Fault phenomenon:

The power grid monitoring system suddenly sends out multiple alarm messages: UPS abnormal, UPS output panel power loss (voltage and current return to 0 at the same time), power loss of n-column cabinet in machine room, BCB battery switch tripping of UPS system, etc;


The operator on duty immediately went to the scene to check the alarm ups. The site conditions are as follows:

The main and bypass power switch status of UPS input cabinet on site is normal;

All switches of the output cabinet are in the closing position, and the output cabinet loses power;

The output cabinet corresponding to each switch of the output cabinet is powered off;

Fourth, the battery switch corresponding to the alarm UPS is in the trip position, and the reclosing cannot be reclosed;

When the status indicator lights of UPS body are off, the alarm lights are always on and accompanied with alarm sound;

Emergency measures:

Immediately check the status of each switch of UPS power supply and parameters of electric quantity. The three-phase power supply voltage of the power cabinet is normal, the main circuit and bypass switches are in the closing position, and the current is 0. Turn off the main inlet switch of the ups output panel;

Press the ups troubleshooting button;

Open the main and bypass circuit breakers of UPS, wait for 30 seconds, and then resume to close. At this time, the ups will automatically switch to bypass operation;

The operation state of UPS under bypass power supply mode is converted to normal rectifier inverter mode; check whether the power parameters of UPS output are abnormal; at this time, switch the battery pack switch from jump to open position, and then switch on again, and the switch will return to normal closing position;

Restore each switch of UPS output panel to the closing position, and restore the power supply of the power-off cabinet in the machine room;

Inform the ups manufacturer's personnel to inspect the faulty equipment on site and eliminate the hidden trouble;

Find the cause of the fault:

The maintenance engineer of UPS manufacturer arrives at the site to check the internal data output of the UPS; when the ups fails, the ups sends out an emergency shutdown command, leading to the ups shutdown. Then the ups body was carefully checked, and it was found that the EPO connection plug was not fully inserted! There are no other anomalies.

On site:

UPS power cabinet main and bypass switch status is normal, output interruption, BCB battery switch trip, can not manually restore the closing state;

The main and bypass input circuits of UPS equipment are locked;

Third, the ups will automatically return to bypass operation mode after the main and bypass branch lines of UPS equipment are closed;

Start the inverter manually, and UPS switches to the main inverter power supply state;

The BCB battery switch has run successfully.

The above phenomenon is in line with the characteristics of emergency shutdown after EPO action. Therefore, the ups fault can be judged as caused by internal command error.

Subsequent improvement measures:

In order to ensure the safety and reliability of power supply in the data center, the maintenance team draws inferences from one instance to prevent similar problems from happening again. UPS is the final guarantee of power supply reliability of equipment.

Check all UPS batteries to ensure that they are in accordance with the operation condition of UPS, and check the operation condition of all UPS fans.

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