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Specifications: 3000VA/2400W model: ET3KR

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    front     word

Manual description

Thank you for purchasing our power products ! This product It's a professional business pure Sine wave, high performance UPS Power Supply, use DSP digitization Technology, high frequency PWM Inverter technology The products are suitable for finance, telecommunication, government, transportation, manufacturing and education Electricity For its computer equipment, communication equipment, precision instruments / Instrument and network terminal equipment provide stable and reliable AC UPS system

Introduction to this manual UPS Of Relevant information, including functions and characteristics, performance indicators, configuration, system principle and operation mode. At the same time, provide installation instructions, use and operation, maintenance management and transportation storage.

This manual is With equipment Please read this manual carefully before installing, debugging and setting the equipment.

Due to product version upgrade or other reasons, the content of this document will be updated from time to time, which may contain defects, redundancy or typographical errors. Unless there is a special sales instruction in this order or only used as a sales document. All representations, information and recommendations in this document do not constitute any express or implied warranty.

       be careful:

    This equipment Improper input voltage and output voltage will endanger life. Please read this manual carefully before installation and operation, and pay attention to various warning signs and warning statements on the equipment. Please do not remove the chassis of the power supply equipment without authorization.

Safety instructions

Symbol description

The safety symbols quoted in this manual are surface             one point one                             one     As shown in Fig, user During the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment, it should be observed his Safety issues.


surface             one point one                             two         Safety symbol And meaning

Safety precautions

UPS There are high temperature and high pressure inside, which must be observed during equipment installation, operation and maintenance Of Otherwise, personal injury may be caused to the equipment or safety regulations. The safety precautions mentioned in the manual are only supplementary to local safety regulations.

Our company does not bear Any responsibility caused by violation of general safety operation requirements or safety standards of design, production and use equipment.

       High voltage hazard:

Direct contact or indirect contact with high voltage and power supply through moist objects will bring fatal danger.

Please read and keep this manual carefully.

Please pay attention to all warning signs on the machine. Do not tear or damage the warning labels.

Do not exceed the rated load UPS

UPS If there is a large capacity battery inside, non professionals are not allowed to open the shell, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock.

Do not expose the battery to fire, it may explode.

Do not open and damage the battery. The electrolyte released is harmful to eyes and skin, and may even be toxic.

Avoid short circuit between positive and negative electrodes of battery, otherwise fire or electric shock may be caused.

Do not block all vents. Install according to manufacturer's instructions.

Stay away The following environment Keep or use this product:

Places with combustible gas, corrosive substance and large amount of dust

Abnormally high or low temperature( forty Above or -10 Below), high humidity( ninety-five %Above)

A place with direct sunlight or heating apparatus

Places with severe vibration


In case of fire around, please use dry powder fire extinguisher. If liquid fire extinguisher is used, there will be electric shock hazard.

       Keep the equipment well ventilated.

ensure UPS And Air outlet No other objects block the front end and keep good ventilation.

       It is dangerous to install and remove the power line with electricity !

It is strictly forbidden to install or remove the power line with electricity. Before installing and removing the power cord, the power switch must be turned off. Before connecting the cable, please confirm that the connecting cable and cable label are consistent with the actual installation.

book Before the product is applied to the following load equipment, please discuss with the manufacturer in advance. Special consideration and design must be given to its application, equipment, management and maintenance

- Instruments directly related to the life of patients

- Elevator and other equipment that may endanger personal safety

Product introduction

Product overview

The company's products mainly include the following:

ET series UPS : capacity one three K VA Designed for lithium batteries, built-in Iron lithium battery Tower style Universal output model, Small size, convenient for customers to use

E series UPS : capacity is one ~ ten KVA Rack model The connection mode of input and output terminal block is more conducive to industrial and other special occasions.

LD series Battery pack : capacity ten - fifty AH With lithium battery U PS Battery pack.

Model Rules

Various series models The naming rules are as follows:

        E T x K S R

    x Represents the capacity size and is a number 1,2,3,6,10,15,20 One of them.

K A unit of capacity representing KVA

S Built in battery and External battery There is a distinction S representative External lithium battery , none S Built in lithium battery for chassis

R There is a difference between the tower type and the tower type R Stand for rack type, none R The default is tower.

Example: ET3KSR representative three KV A External connection Tower type lithium battery U PS machine

Model List

E series UPS model Introduction

model explain model explain

Tower type 1K lithium battery ups with built-in 36V 15ah iron lithium battery.


The rack type 3K lithium battery UPS needs external 48V lithium battery,

The output is a socket..


Tower type 3K lithium battery UPS, built-in 48V 30ah iron lithium battery.


The rack type 3K lithium battery UPS needs external 48V lithium battery,

The output is a socket.


Rack type 1K lithium battery ups with built-in 36V 15ah lithium battery


Lithium battery is required for 10K external battery,

The output is terminal block.


Rack type 3K lithium battery UPS, built-in 48V 30ah lithium battery

E three KS

The rack type 3K lithium battery UPS needs external 48V lithium battery,

The output is terminal block.

Battery pack introduction:

LD series Lithium battery pack Model description

model explain model explain


48v10ah lithium battery pack rack installation. It is recommended to connect et1ksr


48v20ah lithium battery pack is installed on rack. It is recommended to connect et1ksr.


48v30ah lithium battery pack rack type installation. It is recommended to connect et3ksr


48v50ah lithium battery pack rack type installation. It is recommended to connect et3ksr


It can be connected in series and can be installed with multiple battery packs.

UPS appearance

Front view


1-3KVA Rack



Rear view


1KS Rear cover plate                                                       C3KS Rear cover plate

    remarks 2.4.1 All of the above towers are Long acting machine For example, the standard machine There will be none External connection Battery socket. (output optional universal base)



ET one K S R Rack UPS Schematic diagram of rear cover plate


ET3KSR Rack UPS Schematic diagram of rear cover plate



E1 K (built in battery) rack type UPS Schematic diagram of rear cover plate


ETSKR Rack UPS Schematic diagram of rear cover plate


E3KSR Rack UPS Schematic diagram of rear cover plate


working principle


Input filtering: complete the filtering of the input power supply UPS Provide clean power.

AC/DC Boost: the filtered power supply will be AC / DC conversion, and after the conversion of the direct Flow boosting handle

DC/DC Pressure rise: when UPS When working in the battery power supply mode, the DC boost is carried out by the circuit Reason.

DC/AC Inversion The DC power is converted into stable AC output after boost treatment.

Bypass: when UPS In case of overload, abnormal inverter and other faults, it will automatically switch to bypass power supply mode In this paper.

Charger: Standard Type supply one .5 A Long term charging current 1kVA provide ** five A Charge current of

Battery: the applicable battery type is sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery.

Output filtering: complete UPS Output filter to provide clean power for load. .


Open box inspection

open UPS Packaging, visual inspection of the appearance of the machine, check whether there is collision damage during transportation.

Check whether the attached accessories are complete according to the list of delivery accessories.

In case of transportation damage or lack of attached accessories, please contact the dealer immediately.

UPS List of delivery accessories:

UPS model

Name of attachment



Standard type

User manual



warranty card



Long term

User manual



warranty card



External battery



      explain: The installation and commissioning of inverter equipment shall be carried out by the manufacturer or the engineering personnel authorized by the manufacturer.

Installation precautions

place UPS The installation environment should meet the product specification requirements.

It is not suitable to put it on the side. Keep the air inlet of the front panel, the air outlet of the rear cover plate and the side of the box The air outlet is unobstructed

The machine can only be installed under low temperature when it is completely cooled. Otherwise, it may be dangerous to install the machine under low temperature.

take UPS It shall be placed near the mains power input socket. In any emergency, the mains power input plug shall be pulled out immediately and the battery input shall be disconnected. All power sockets shall be connected with protective ground wire. .

wiring method

--- ------------------------- - -------------- --- -- Wiring diagram of socket type machine ------------------------------------------------------

Input wiring

UPS For the connection of input power line, please use the appropriate socket with over-current protection device. One end of mains power input line And UPS Connect, and connect the other end to the utility socket. The specific connection mode is shown in the following figure:


Output wiring

UPS Can use socket output, load power line plug in UPS Output socket is enough. The total output power shall not exceed Rated capacity At the same time, it is suggested that the load on each socket should be evenly distributed. The specific wiring is shown in the following figure:


-- ---------- -- ---------------------- ------------ Wiring diagram of terminal block type machine ---------------------------------------------------

Terminal block wiring

Some models Terminals are also provided Arrangement Output, when the output current is greater than 10A It is recommended to use terminal block for load wiring, and the wiring steps are as follows:

Remove the cover plate of terminal block;

use appropriate For wiring See wiring list for details Note: Tower and The wiring table of rack type is the same

Input current
Fire line transmission
Entering the air pass
Input wire diameter
Output current
Output wire diameter
Cell current
Battery wire diameter
E 1K 5.7A 32A ≥1mm2 3.6A ≥1mm2 two five A ≥4mm2
E 1KS -48 5.7A 32A ≥1mm2 3.6A ≥1mm2 20A ≥4mm2
E 1KSR five point seven A 32A ≥1mm2 three point six A ≥1mm2 two zero A ≥4mm2
E T1K five point seven A 32A ≥1mm2 three point six A ≥1mm2 two zero A ≥4mm2
E T3K 16A 32A two mm2 11A ≥1.5mm2 sixty-eight A sixteen mm2
E T3KR sixteen A 32A ≥6mm2 eleven A one point five mm2 sixty-eight A sixteen mm2
E T3KRS sixteen A thirty-two A six mm2 eleven A one point five mm2 six eight A ≥1 six mm2
E 3KS-48 sixteen A thirty-two A six mm2 eleven A one point five mm2 six eight A ≥1 six mm2
H 6K three one A thirty-two A six mm2 twenty-seven A six mm2 thirty-four A six mm2
H 10K fifty A fifty A ≥1 zero mm2 forty-five A ≥1 zero mm2 fifty-six A ≥1 zero mm2

After wiring, please check whether the connecting wire is firm;

Install the terminal block cover back into the box.

Warning: Non professionals are not allowed to use terminal block for load wiring to avoid electric shock.

External battery

The battery connection procedure is very important. If the procedure is not followed, there may be an electric shock hazard Please be strict Follow these steps:

one Connect batteries in series to ensure proper battery voltage , Please refer to your battery model or the specific voltage meter

two Remove the battery cable from the accessory Or according to the wiring Watch processing Rear wiring One end of the line connect UPS The other end is connected to the battery pack.

three Connect the battery cable to the battery end first UPS The red wire is connected to the positive pole of the battery “+” The black wire is connected to the negative pole of the battery “-”

four Plug in the battery connector UPS External battery socket on rear panel, complete UPS Connection of

        Battery cable is standard , If the customer needs a longer battery cable, please consult your dealer. The battery connecting wire cannot be lengthened infinitely, otherwise it will affect the quality of the battery UPS Normal use of.

Optional function


Through the serial port line and computer connection, we can download the corresponding graphical monitoring software from our website UPS Remote monitoring.


Smart slot (option)

Through the smart slot, users can choose AS400 Card (dry contact point), SNMP And so on, Flexible monitoring is realized.

The installation position of the smart card is located in the smart slot of the rear cover plate of the machine. The ups does not need to be stopped during the installation of the smart card

1. Remove the cover on the smart slot.


2. Insert the smart card into the slot.

Lock the smart card with the screw.

Isolation transformer ( Matching )

Isolation transformer, filter out the clutter, make the current stable and balanced, prevent the equipment connected to ups from being affected by other equipment in the grid, the output can choose isolation transformer box.

Operation and operation

operation panel

LCD display panel



    The upper left corner is the machine model (from left to right * * position is C / D series mark, 6 is 110V, 0 is 220V

The second digit is the machine capacity label, 1 is 1kVA, 2 is 2KVA, and 3 is 3KVA

The third digit is the internal battery and external battery identification, 0 is the standard built-in battery machine. The lower left corner is the ratio of battery capacity and the right is the percentage and ratio of load.


Main operation mode of UPS

Utility mode

UPS After power on, if the power supply is normal, UPS It will enter the utility mode. The indicator light of the panel running in the city power mode will be on.

If the load capacity is greater than one hundred %The buzzer calls every half a second to remind you that you have received too much load. You should remove the unnecessary load one by one until UPS Load less than one hundred %。

If the battery indicator is flashing, it means UPS If the battery is not connected or the battery voltage is too low, check whether the battery is connected well and press the function key two Second, carry out battery self-test. Confirm that the connection is correct. It may be battery failure or aging. Please refer to the troubleshooting table.

       Precautions for receiving and sending motor

A Start the generator and connect the output power of the generator to the output power supply of the generator after it runs stably UPS Input (at this time to determine UPS No load), then press start key start-up UPS UPS After startup, one by one Access Load, non professionals are not allowed to use terminal block for load wiring, in order to avoid electric shock.

B . it is suggested that UPS To double the capacity of the generator

Battery mode

When the mains power is not connected or started UPS During operation, when the power supply is abnormal, UPS It will switch to battery mode.

When running in battery mode, the buzzer four If you press the function key continuously at this time two More than seconds, UPS Execute the silencing function, the buzzer will no longer sound the alarm, and then continue to press the function key two More than seconds, the alarm is restored.

When the battery voltage drops to the warning potential, the buzzer will sound once every second to prompt the user that the battery capacity is insufficient, so the load operation should be carried out and the load should be removed one by one).

If the mains power indicator light flashes, it means that the voltage or frequency of the mains power has exceeded the normal range.

bypass mode

When UPS In case of overload or short circuit fault in the utility mode, the machine will automatically switch to the bypass mode for power supply here The mains and bypass lights are on, UPS Call every two minutes.

UPS When working in bypass mode, there is no backup function. At this time, the power used by the load is directly supplied by the power system through filtering. .

Operation operation

Power on operation

Note: Although the battery is fully charged when leaving the factory, it will be lost after transportation and storage. It is recommended to use it for * * times UPS Charge the battery first ten Hours or consult the battery manufacturer to ensure that there is enough spare time.

Press and hold the power on key for more than 1 second, and the ups will start up. When the UPS is turned on, it will conduct self-test. At this time, the load / battery capacity indicator lights on the panel will be on, and then turn off one by one from right to left. After the self-test is completed, it will enter the normal working state.    

Shutdown operation

Press on continuously / Shut down key one More than seconds, UPS Shut down. When shutting down UPS Self test will be carried out. At this time, a row of indicator lights above the panel will be on and off one by one No display on rear panel UPS No output voltage.

Battery self test operation

UPS During operation, the user can manually start the battery self-test function To check the battery status. The method of starting battery self-test is as follows:

Through the function key

In mains mode, press the function key continuously two More than seconds, UPS Switch to the battery mode and perform battery self-test 1# 6# The indicator lamp flashes periodically. Default battery self test duration ten second During battery self-test, in case of battery failure, UPS It will automatically switch to the commercial power mode.

Through the background monitoring software

The user can also start the battery self-test software.

Silencing operation

When UPS Working in battery and bypass mode, UPS Alarm beep (in battery mode, one call in four seconds, one call in one second when battery voltage is very low, and one call in two minutes when bypass output). The user can manually perform the silencing or start the alarm. Note: in battery mode, only the alarm tone of one call in four seconds can be eliminated.

The method is as follows:

Through the function key

In battery and bypass mode, press the function key continuously two Seconds or more until you hear the buzzer Di A sound, when UPS When there is an alarm tone, this action cancels the alarm tone UPS When there is no alarm tone, this action will start the alarm tone.

Through the background monitoring software

Users can also use background monitoring software to silence.

Maintenance and maintenance

Routine maintenance

Keep the environment clean UPS Cause dust or chemical contamination.

Check the terminals of input and output cables every six months. Check carefully and measure whether the contact is good.

Regularly check the working state of the fan to prevent foreign matters from blocking the air outlet. If it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

regular inspect UPS Working conditions

If the power supply is normal, UPS It should work in the utility mode; if the mains power is abnormal, UPS It should work in battery mode. And there is no fault display in both working states.

regular inspect UPS Switching operation mode

Disconnect the mains power input and simulate the mains power failure, UPS Switch to the battery power supply mode and operate normally; then connect the mains power input, UPS It should be switched back to the utility mode and work normally.

regular inspect UPS The indicator light of

During the above two inspections, the UPS Whether the indicator light of the display is consistent with its actual operation mode.

Battery maintenance

The battery is UPS An important part of the system. The battery life depends on the ambient temperature and the number of discharges. High temperature or deep discharge can shorten the service life of the battery.

Battery should be used to keep the ambient temperature at fifteen reach twenty-five between.

If not used for a long time UPS , it is recommended that every three Charge once a month.

Under normal conditions, the service life of the battery is three reach five If the battery is found to be in poor condition, it must be replaced early, and the battery replacement must be operated by professionals.


When your UPS In case of abnormal conditions, please check and remove the fault according to the table below. If the problem still exists, please contact the customer Service Center Contact.

Fault alarm and code:

01 Inverter output short circuit 09 Inverter soft start timeout
03 Bus high voltage ten Bus voltage inconsistency
04 Bus high negative voltage eleven Overtemperature
05 Bus soft start timeout twelve Battery overcharge
06 Bus short circuit thirteen overload
07 High inverter voltage fourteen Charger failure
08 Low inverter voltage fifteen Fan failure

Note: When you need to report the fault to our customer service staff, please record and inform the following information: UPS Model( MODEL NO. )Machine batch number( SERIAL NO. )Failure date, complete problem description (including panel indicator light display, beep implement If it is long-term, battery configuration is also required

Dry node card (AS400) interface definition:

Appearance and introduction The card is installed in the smart card slot of the machine, and the external interface is D B9 Matrixes


Description of interface definition :

LED indicator light state open circuit
L ED1 bright P IN3,PIN8 Short circuit, inverter failure
L ED2 bright P IN one ,PIN six Short circuit, Battery power bring down
L ED3 Shining monitor Board work instructions
L ED4 bright P IN four ,PIN nine Short circuit, abnormal power supply
L ED5 bright P IN two ,PIN seven Short circuit, bypass operation
L ED6 bright monitor Board work Normal indication of power supply

Product specifications

Basic electrical specifications

Model Characteristic parameters ET1K ET1KR ET1KRS ET3K ET3KR ET3KRS
Rated output capacity 1000VA/800W 3000VA/2400W

Working mode On line double transformation

AC input Rated voltage 220Vac

Rated frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz adaptive

Input voltage range (172~268)±7Vac

Input frequency range (45~55)±0.5Hz / (55~65)±0.5Hz

Battery input Battery type Lithium iron phosphate battery

Built in battery Built in 36v15ah - Built in 48v30ah -

External battery pack - - ≥48V10AH - - ≥48V30AH

External battery pack model - - ≥LT4810 - - ≥LT4830

External battery Number of packages



Low voltage alarm / low voltage shutdown 33/31.5-45V 44/42-60V

Charging voltage 42.8±0.2V 57±0.3V

Charging function 2A 5A 2A 5A

AC output output voltage 220 VAC ± 3% (inverter output)

output frequency 50 / 60 ± 5Hz (when AC input is normal), 50 / 60Hz ± 1% (when AC input is abnormal)

Dynamic voltage transient <5%

Dynamic transient recovery time < 60ms

wave form Sine wave thd < 3% (linear load); thd < 8% (nonlinear load)

Output power factor zero point eight

Overload capacity In the city power mode, the duration of 130% is not less than 20s. In battery mode, 120% duration is not less than 20s

Peak coefficient of output current 3:1

DC to AC conversion time 0ms

Inverter bypass conversion time <4ms

Communication function Standard RS232 + smart slot, smart slot can expand RS485, dry node, SNMP and other monitoring functions.

Protection function DC input overvoltage, undervoltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection, output overvoltage and low voltage protection

Weight kg eight point six nine point five six point five twenty-two twenty-three ten
Dimension (w * h * d) mm 145*220*355 432*88*300 432*88*300 190*318*433 432*88*600 432*88*440
Installation mode Tower style Rack Tower style Rack

Model Characteristic parameters LT4810 LT4820 LT4830 LT4850 LT4850-Pro
Rated voltage 48V

Battery capacity 10AH 20AH 30AH 50AH
Charging voltage 57V

Turn off voltage 40V

Built in charger - - - - 5A
Series use - - - - sure
Protection function DC input overvoltage, undervoltage protection and short circuit protection

Weight kg ten sixteen twenty-two twenty-eight thirty
Dimension (w * h * d) mm 145*220*300 432*88*440 432*88*600

application environment



ambient temperature

-10 ~ +40

ambient humidity

20% 90%, non condensing


less than 1000m No derating, greater than 1000m Every rise 100m Derating 1%

Storage temperature

-15 ~+45

Industrial standards

satisfy EN62040 YD/T 1095-2000

Maintenance guarantee

The company promises: from the date of purchase, we will provide you with three-year free warranty service :

Warranty with valid certification from the dealer.

Warranty with machine serial number.

If the machine fails, please contact the nearest company service outlets and dealers , The transportation cost incurred during the warranty period shall be borne by the user.

As a user of our company, you enjoy the following services

two four Hourly service hotline

Customer Service Hotline

National Joint warranty

Online technical service support

Please refer to our website for the above information.

The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

Human failure

Out of warranty period

Production serial number, change of finished product

Damage or loss caused by irresistible external causes

Dismantling or modification without authorization

Violation of machine operation / Usage regulations

Make the battery discharge deeply or artificially damage

Note: the above contents are subject to change without prior notice. The company has the right of final interpretation!


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