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Specifications: 1000VA/800W model: D1KRS

Product introduction

Performance * *, simple appearance, resolute, online double transformation design, DSP digital technology explains the integration of advanced technology and traditional products. It is an uninterruptible power supply product specially designed for imported precision equipment, which is suitable for ships, medical treatment, mines and other occasions.

Product features

· Application environment: office

· Input and output: Single in and single out

· Power: Below 3KVA

The output can be flexibly configured according to customer requirements 100V, 110V, 120V, 127V and other specifications. The default output is 110V.

advanced The application of DSP digital control technology makes UPS more stable and superior in quality.

The load power factor is zero point eight It is suitable for the development trend of electrical equipment and has stronger load carrying capacity.

Active input power factor correction( PFC) Input power factor up to Above 98.0

Wide input voltage frequency range Wide input voltage and frequency range, adapt Remote areas with very poor power environment

Matching with generator

Cold start function.

Zero switching It effectively ensures the security and reliability of load operation.

Powerful Monitoring, standard configuration RS232 communication interface and Intelligent Slot Scalable SNMP card, RS485, AS400 card, EMD environment monitor Etc.

technical parameter

 D1-d3k parameter table.png


Note: if there is any adjustment of product parameters, please refer to the real object without further notice

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