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  • UPS uninterruptible power supply
    UPS lead acid battery
    Backup lithium battery UPS
    On line lead acid battery UPS
    On line lithium battery UPS
    Three phase high frequency UPS
    Power frequency UPS
    modular UPS
  • Special inverter for power and communication
    UPS special power
    Power inverter
    Communication inverter
  • 110V UPS power supply
    Backup 110V UPS
    Backup lithium battery 110V UPS
    On line 110V UPS
    On line lithium battery 110V UPS
  • Other special power supply
    AC / DC switching power supply
    UPS for rolling shutter door
  • Battery, lithium battery pack
    Lithium battery pack
    Lead acid battery pack
    Lead acid battery
    Battery box
  • Power supply selection
    Monitoring card
  • Combination package
Lithium battery UPS power supply, special power UPS power supply, power inverter, communication inverter, 110V UPS, special UPS for rolling shutter door, three-phase UPS, etc
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3C3 GX40K
Specifications: 40KVA/32KW
twenty-eight thousand and eight hundred .00 ¥43200.00
3C3 GX60K
Specifications: 60KVA/48KW
thirty-one thousand and eight hundred .00 ¥47700.00
3C3 GX80K
Specifications: 80KVA/64KW
thirty-nine thousand and eight hundred .00 ¥59700.00
3C3 GX100K
Specifications: 100KVA/80KW
fifty thousand and eight hundred .00 ¥76200.00
3C3 GX120K
Specifications: 120KVA/96KW
fifty-nine thousand and eight hundred .00 ¥89700.00
Specifications: 10KVA 8KW
seven thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine .00 ¥11699.00
five thousand four hundred and ninety-nine .00 ¥8249.00
Specifications: 15KVA/12KW
six thousand four hundred and ninety-nine .00 ¥9749.00
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